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  Orthognatic Surgery


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        A perfect smile…………..

       So what if you were not born with it? Now you can have the smile of your dreams at ant any age. The world always looks
       brighter from behind a smile. And remember, everyone smiles in the same language.

  Orthodontic treatment can can be done at any age. It  will provide good health and appearance for your teeth and gums and will increase
  your  self-esteem.
  We use different types of orthodontic appliances in our office, depending on the age and type of the problem. 
  Since 2004 our office has provided the highest quality complete orthodontic care for adults and children. Each year we participate in 
  numerous symposia, workshops and conferences, further increasing our knowledge and qualifications.
  We use the latest techniques available in modern orthodontics worldwide (traditional and ceramic brackets, lingual orthodontics, Damon 
  technique, miniimplants). We are happy to provide advice to our patients and we take great care to obtain the best esthetic results.

      What Makes Our Office Special:
  We take pride in the relationships we build with our patients and families.
  We take time in explaining you all the procedures and we are happy to give any detailed information during the treatment.
  We don't take shortcuts when planning your treatment. We advise complete diagnostic tests (x-rays, digital/photos and impressions of the 
  teeth) at your consultation when treatment is indicated. A lack of information can lead to improper results.

  You are offered many payment options.
  We see all patients on an appointment basis and request you make each appointment before leaving the office so that treatment will
  progress on time.

 Our practice is limited to orthodontics. All other dental treatment will continue to be provided by your dentist.
 We colaborate with dentists from different specialities in order to provide you an excellent interdisciplinary care.

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